This month’s 3, 5 and 6 course menus

Russian blinis with caviar of lye and a glass of sparkling wine(1-3-4-7-12)

This dish is the first dish in the 6-course menu

Aquavit cured salmon with horseradish cream and spinach mayonnaise* (3-4-7)

This dish is the first dish in the 3 and 5 course menus

Lemon Colonello – lemon sorbet with vodka

Fallow deer fillet creamy savoy cabbage, red wine sauce and cranberry* (7)

Selection of matured cheeses, chutneys and nuts (11-7-8-12)
– with a small glass of port wine

Royal chocolate mousse terrine with caramel crackers & raspberry sorbet* (3-7-8)

3 courses NOK 495 (marked with *)
5 courses NOK 595
6 courses NOK 695
Wine package NOK 345
Second serving NOK 95
Coffee for your own cakes NOK 95