À la carte

Served monday to thursday from 18:00 to 21:00, and friday to saturday from 18:00 to 22:00


Carpaccio of beef tenderloin with pine nuts, arugula salad and shaved parmesan (3-7-10-12)

Aquavit cured salmon with horseradish cream and dill mayonnaise (3-4-7-10)

Pan-fried scampi with carrot puree & dill mayonnaise (2-3-14)

Main courses

Norwegian beef tenderloin with celery root puree served with seasonal vegetables and pepper sauce (7-9-12)

Fallow deer fillet with creamy savoy cabbage, red wine sauce & cranberries (7-12)

Pan-fried fresh cod from the fishing pier with creamy herb risotto, fresh spinach and beurre blanc (4-7-12)

Slow-braised beef cheeks marinated in Amarone, salt-baked shallots and homemade potato purée (7-9-12)

“Royale with cheese” Burger with bacon, truffle mayonnaise, cheddar, served with fries (1.1-3-7-10)


A selection of mature cheeses, olive tapenade, barolo sausage, salt-baked almonds, with a small glass of port wine (1.1-7-8.1-12)

After Dinner Sweet

Homemade caramel pudding with freshly whipped cream (3-7-8.1)

Iced Flensburger with vanilla ice cream, cherries and egg liqueur (3-7-12)

The Hotel’s Ice cream Cup with delicious ice cream and toppings (3-7-8.1)

Passion fruit mousse with fresh fruits and berries (3-7)

Two-courses meal of the day for Worker’s Deal

Meatballs with pea stew
Pork roast with sauerkraut
Pork and gravy with turnip mash
Beef patties with boiled vegetables and fried onions
Salmon with Sandefjord sauce, cucumber salad and asparagus