Lunch menu

Served everyday from 12:00 to 17:30.

Open-faced sandwiches

Our famous large open-faced shrimp sandwich (1.1-2-3-4-7)
Hand peeled shrimps

Open-faced beef sandwich (1.1-7)
Beef patty with onions and salad

Hot dishes

Club sandwich with side dishes (1.1-3-710)
With salad, tomato, aioli and french fries

The house’s traditional fish soup (1.1-2-4-7-9)
Served with bread and butter

The Hotel’s homemade hamburger (1.1-3-7)
Served with french fries, fresh salad and aioli

Creamy pasta with chicken (1.1-3-7)
Served with fresh arugula and parmesan

Traditional salmon with Sandefjord butter (4-7-12)
Served with boiled potatoes, asparagus and cucumber salad


Caesar salad (1.1-3-4-7-10)
with chicken and parmesan, bread and homemade aioli

Sweet ending

Homemade caramel pudding (3-7-8.1)
with freshly whipped cream

Grand Hotel’s cheesecake (3-7)